4-Port USB Charge Station

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The best charge station you'll ever have!


Looking for a phone holder? A charging station? This all-in-one USB charging station is the way to go!

Allows you to charge up to FOUR devices simultaneously via USB ports. Designed for space saving.

Charge your device and store it on the charging station.

A phone holder.

Tells you everything.

Tells you everything.

Easy to use. Safe to use.

Different plug types. (Please note: only one type of power plug will be included in the package.)


  • Output: 5V /8A \40W(MAX)
  • Input: 240V
  • Cable Length: 1.5 M
  • Current: 800 mA
HURRY! This is not sold in stores so get yours NOW!

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  3. Because of the very HIGH DEMAND, Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery!