Battery Storage Organizer Holds 93 Various Sized Batteries

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This battery organizer and case not only stores up to 39 batteries neatly, but it also sorts them by size!



Batteries are a blessing and a curse. It's amazing that we can power our devices with them like magic, and you can even get rechargeable batteries that deliver that magic again and again. But storing them is a pain. Why? Because they come in so many shapes and sizes. Which is why they always end up thrown in a drawer, whether they work or not. It's no fun sorting through that battery graveyard, and that's why I love this battery organizer storage case so much.

Attention: The product in the video is the product in concept, not the product we will send to you. The product we will send it to you is the one that shows in Images(They are almost same). So if you really care about this please think about firstly that if you really wanna purchase it or not, thanks for your patience.

This battery organizer and case not only stores up to 39 batteries neatly, but it also sorts them by size. You can then instantly see what battery you need and grab it. No more fumbling around in drawers that are filled to the brink with junk.

The battery organizer has a place for 9 volt batteries, AAA, AA, C, D and even a spot for those flat batteries. This alone is enough reason to buy it, but just for good measure, they also throw in a battery tester so that you won't be storing dead batteries in this setup. Plus, the battery tester doesn't even require a battery! Sold!


  • SUPERIOR QUALITY - These battery organizer caddy made of durable plastic material, have good compressive capability
  • LARGE CAPACITY - Holds about 40 different Size batteries, 10 to 20 pcs AA size, 8 to 15 pcs AAA size, 5 pcs C size, 4 pcs D size, 2 pcs 9 volt and different Size button/coin cell batteries
  • PERFECT SIZE - Dimensions 10.8" L x 6.7" W x 1.4" H, come with two brackets and can be move out to place more AAA size and AA size batteries
  • EASY TO CARRY - These battery storage case adopt interlayer designs, this structure can effectively fixed in place, and grooves to prevent them sliding on the inside
  • BATTERY STORAGE CASE - Transparent cover box make it easy to see items, keep your batteries organized and neatly stored


Material: Plastic
Color: White translucent

Package: One battery storage case(without batteries of course), the second variant has battery tester.

Dimensions: 10.8" L x 6.7" W x 1.4" H

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