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The easiest way that will help you determine the quality range of your batteries!


Usually, we all wait for a battery to run out of juice before getting replaced. In emergency cases, it's a must to be prepared and time is of the essence. You can't simply wait before getting another one. This is why a UNIVERSAL DIGITAL BATTERY TESTER is a necessity that you must have in your home.

The UNIVERSAL DIGITAL BATTERY TESTERis an adjustable tester that can fit different sizes of batteries. It has a built-in easy-to-read meter that will indicate if the battery is still good for usage, is low in power and must be replaced soon. This will tell you to get a fresh battery supply so you'll never run out.


  • Quick test shows if a device needs a replacement battery
  • Easy-to-read indicate the power level Test standard and rechargeable batteries: 9V, AA, AAA, C, D, 1.5V Button Type
  • Compact design Rechargeable Batteries are typically 1.2V when fully charged versus 1.5V for normal alkaline battery.


DIY Supplies: Electrical
Type: Household Battery Tester
Dimension: 10.5 x 4 x 2.5 cm
Test Multiple Sizes: 9V: PP3, MN1604, 6F22, 006P 1.5V: AAA, HP16, MN2400, R03 AA, HP7, MN1500, UM3 C, HP11, MN1400, SP11, LR14, UM2 D, HP2, MN1300, SP2, R20,UM1; All kinds of button cell.

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