Easy Panel Carry

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Move drywall with half the effort, in half the time!



The most convenient way to carry drywall, plywood, jeep doors or any other panels. Save your back, forearms and hands and let the Easy Panel Carry do all the work! 

Simply hook the Easy Panel Carry around the bottom of your panel of choice, tip the sheet up and lift, leaving your lifting arm fully extended as if you were carrying a suitcase. Keep perfect balance and have full visibility to navigate tight spots.


Angled Handle: Unique handle placement is at an angle to keep your hands and fingers jam-free
14" Long: Size does matter! The extra long design adds enough reach so it's easy for arms of all lengths
Light weight: Under 1 lb. so never worry about adding extra pounds to your load.
Rubber handle: Clever handle innovation provides the best grip. Feel confident that it will never slip!
HURRY! This is not sold in stores so GET YOURS NOW!


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