Bicycle Brake Light

Put color to your brakes!



    Super light weight, easy to install brake light for your bicycle.

    Fits any cable  brake system (not suitable for hydraulic).

    This bright, high-power LED lights up on the slightest pull of the brake lever to indicate that the cyclist is braking.

    How It Works:

    • Just clip this light on your rear brake cable and it will help alert anyone behind you that you are slowing down
    • Functions just like a car brake light, illuminates when you begin to brake
    • Compatible with U brakes, V brakes, canti`s, and mechanical disc brakes
    • Rounded brass clamp screw will not harm or impeed brake cables or function
    • Great addition to any light system, perfect for group rides
    • 200 hours continuous light, average of approx. 250,000 braking processes
    • Weighs only 7 grams
    • Rear
    • Cable Mount
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