LED Reflective Belt - USB Rechargeable

    1. SAFER THAN A REFLECTIVE VEST – Created to save and protect lives
    2. AMAZINGLY COMFORTABLE - Halo Belt will fit at the waist, over the shoulder or around your backpack
    3. 360 LED ILLUMINATED & REFLECTIVE - Protect you and your loved ones while running, walking or cycling
    4. WEATHER PROOF & WATER RESISTANT - Halo Belt will work even in rough weather so you are always safe
    5. FULLY RECHARGEABLE - Fully integrated USB charging allows you to focus on you and not your batteries
    1. Shipping Weight: 6.7 ounces
    2. Total Length: Min. 31.5 inches or 80 cm Max. 50 inches or 127 cm
    3. Width: 1.96 inches or 4.9 cm
    4. The Micro USB rechargeable battery (Cable Included) gives up to 10 hours of illumination in Flashing Mode
    5. 3M Reflective Adjustable Elastic (360 Degrees)
    1. LED Reflective Belt is designed to enhance visibility using our patented LED and fiber optic technology. Safer than just a reflective vest.
    2. Methods of use: Law enforcement, highway patrol, military, roadside safety, jogging, cycling, hiking, child safety, or just about any avenue where visibility is a top priority.
    1. We ship Worldwide!
    2. The product gets shipped out within 2-3 days of placing the order. There could be a slight delay in delivery of shipments as we are experiencing a heavy rush due to the holiday season. Please allow for maximum of 2-3 weeks for our product to deliver.

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