Meat Tenderizer + Flavor Enhancer Sauce Injector

    The secret to the most tender, flavorful meats and poultry you've ever tasted!

    How many times have you prepared a roast turkey, BBQ'd steak or grilled chicken only to find it dry and flavorless? Frustrating, right?? Well worry NO MORE! We got the answer for you!

    Introducing! The Meat Tenderizer + Flavor Enhancer Sauce Injector! It pumps marinade, wine, spices, garlic, Cajun, brine or pretty much anything you like DIRECTLY INTO the meat to give you the juiciest meals ever. It's the trade secret used by professional chefs everywhere, and your family and friends will be amazed when they taste the difference!

    Whether you are preparing a steak for the BBQ, chicken that needs to be marinated, or pork that is just a little too tough - this 2-in-1 meat tenderizing tool can do it all!

    Simply put - a must have for every kitchen!

    Why put up with dry meat for a moment longer? GET YOURS NOW before they sell out again, then start planning a panorama of flavor possibilities to enjoy for years to come!


    • Three flavor needles ensure marinades  penetrate  deep into the food.
    • Adjustable stainless-steel tenderizing blades have two depth  settings for different types of meat.
    • Tool locks closed for safe storage and comes apart for easy cleaning.
    • Dimensions: 9" x 3.5"

      1. We ship Worldwide!
      2. The product gets shipped out within 2-3 days of placing the order.
      3. Because of the very HIGH DEMAND, Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery!

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