Nakefit – 10 PACKS Walk Barefoot Without Cuts from the Ground




  • One Purchase= 10 Pairs of Nakefit

  • One Purchase= 10 Pairs of Nakefit

    Easy On and Easy Off

    STREET - Anti-cutting and resistant to all paving.

    BEACH - Walk on hot sand without thinking.

    POOL - Waterproof and appropriate for the swimming pool.

    SPA - Forgot your flip-flops.

    PARK - Be free to walk everywhere.

    Black,Pink,Blue three colors available, ALL SIZES, meet all demands.

    • Q:The Price?
    • A:1 Pair less than $3, one purchase= 10 pairs.
    • Q: Is Nakefit reusable?
    • A: Not currently, Nakefit is a disposable product.
    • Q: How long does it last?
    • A: Depends on the use, if not used in water can last longer than 24 hours.
    • Q: Does Nakefit work in water?
    • A: Yes. Nakefit is waterproof. However, if you stay in water for too long, the adhesive may lose part of its adhesion. In particular, if the insole stay in contact with liquids at high temperatures (eg: too hot thermal water)
    • Q: Is it hypoallergenic?
    • A: Yes, the adhesive layer is made up of pharmaceuticals, certified and hypoallergenic materials
    • Q: Is it recyclable?
    • A: Yes, like a medical patch.
    • Q: What kind of health care protection does it provide?
    • A: Can protect from skin fungus, infections and surface cuts
    • R: Is it heat-resistant?
    • Q: Thanks to Nakefit you can walk without burning on hot surfaces, such as sand.
    • Q: Is it non-slip?
    • A: Yes! In fact, it is perfect for walking or moving without risk around the poolside for example.
    • Q: What kind of surfaces Nakefit is suitable for?
    • A: For all surfaces where you usually walk barefoot: sand, rock, marble, wood and even grass
    • Q: Is the fabric breathable?
    • A: Absolutely.
    • Q: What material is Nakefit made of?
    • A: For matter of patent, the material will be communicated later
    • D: What about the difference beetwen male and female model?
    • R: None, Nakefit is unisex.
    • Q: Are available different pet models?
    • A: Nakefit is currently available for human.
    1. We ship Worldwide!
    2. The product gets shipped out within 2-3 days of placing the order.
    3. Because of the very HIGH DEMAND, Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery!