Power Grow Comb Set

  • Breakthrough hair laser treatment in a comb!

    Power Grow Comb by Velform is the latest advancement in hair growth technology. 

    "The mean increase of 34 hairs per 4 cm² in men with androgenic alopecia who used the Power Grow Comb". 

    How it works:
    This laser comb really works, because it uses laser light technology with official certification and proven scientific studies. It stimulates the appearance of new hair growth and new hair follicles, all in the time alone of your own home. It also penetrates underneath the scalp promotes follicles to grow that have been broken by DHT production (hormone that cause hair loss) and reactivate new hair strands. The vibration movement assists to massage the scalp and increase circulation. Get your hair back in as little as 9 weeks. 

    How to use it:
    Use it ten minutes daily like you would a normal brush or comb slowly on your head. For people with very thin hair just brush it directly on the scalp like scalp massage.
    Power Grow Comb by Velform comes with 7 Blue 470 Nanometer Energy Diodes and 7 Red 660 Nanometer Energy Diodes and it also contains laser comb, finger comb, brush, manicure set. This comb has got exclusive characteristic of bio stimulating vibrations that has good results on your hair follicle. Velform Power Grow Laser Comb has high-precision and powerful cutting-edge laser beam window light that prevent hair loss and improves the blood flow circulation in hair by promoting the resting hair follicles that regenerate your hair.

    SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? This is not sold in stores! Get Yours NOW!
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