Seaview Full Face Snorkeling Mask - Kids Edition

  • Cannot always fully enjoy the snorkeling experience? Do you hate breathing through a tube stuck in your mouth? Afraid of being choked by water when diving? There has to be a better way! 


    Seaview Full Face Snorkeling Mask uses Dual Airflow Technology to help you breath naturally. Breathing slowly through your nose helps reduce chances of fogging. The Dry Top System will prevent water from entering the mask through the snorkel tube.

    The 180°Seaview Full Face Design will help you get a wider view to see the underwater world.



    • LIGHT-WEIGHT DESIGN - just about 14.5oz, perfect for both beginners and experts. SHIPPING: FREE-SHIPPING for standard shipping (2 weeks estimated) and $1.99 for EMS/DHL (3-5 days)
    • Ideal for diving, swimming, snorkeling and other underwater activities.
    • WHAT’S INSIDE? Your Mask with latest and improved design and technology New & Improved User Manual To Get Started Nose Clips + a pair of ear plugs (To Help you equalize if you want to free dive deeper than 10 feet) Mesh Bag For Easy Travel New Carrying Case Packaging An Adventure Awaiting To Be Unpacked! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
    • SOFT, ADJUSTABLE ELASTIC BANDAGE - suitable for various head shape, please adjust the headband to fit your face well in case of leaking. Note: dry the bandage for store after use, if you use it in the sea, rinse with clean water to avoid remaining sea water corrosion
    • Weight: 460g
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