The Pocket Shot

    Hit targets at two to three times the rate of a regular slingshot!

      The Pocket Shot is a circular weapon/survival tool/toy that works as a slingshot, a fishing pole, and even a bow. Even though it may look like a balloon tied to a cut up Gatorade bottle cap, it's actually an extremely compact yet powerful tool that's able to whip a variety of different shaped and sized objects at up to 350 feet per second!

      The Pocket Shot can essentially shoot anything that you can fit inside of it, but in order to not tear the pouch, it's recommended to use 1/4 inch to 5/16 inch steel slugs, marbles, or small paint-balls to use it as a slingshot. You can also use it as a bow by attaching the whisker biscuit and loading in an arrow.

      But best of all you can use it as a fishing rod, by flinging your hook out into the water, and reeling it in by winding your line around the outside of the rim. Granted you'd probably only use it as a fishing rod in a survival-type situation!

      The Pocket Shot is extremely compact as it measures just 1.3 inches deep when closed, which makes it perfect to carry around in a pocket, backpack, camping gear, or tackle box (hence the Pocket Shot name).

      SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Start hitting targets like a PRO! Get your own Power Shot NOW!
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