These Beach Glasses Float in The Water and Can Stand Up In The Sand

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  • ATTRACTIVE & REVOLUTIONARY Drinkware Alternative To Enhance The Shared Experience At The Beach!

    The Beach Glass is an actual glass you drink from that can be used both in the water and on the sand. The beach glass comes with a spike on the bottom of it so you can stab it into the sand up to the little bubble so that you can use it on land, plus you can bring it in the water with you as it floats while keeping the brim of the glass well above water!

    The floating beach glass is made from extremely durable acrylic, can hold up to 12 oz of liquid, and will work perfectly for wine, beer, cocktails, or just a soda. The beach glass is dishwasher safe, is BPA free, and comes in a plethora of different colors to choose from.

    Why choose Acrylic drinkware over glass drinkware?

    • Acrylic is Lighter than Glass - The lighter weight of acrylic makes it much easier to hang carry
    • Acrylic is Stronger than Glass - Acrylic has come up 17 times stronger then glass will not break as easily as a glass sign if dropped or bumped.
    • Acrylic is Safer than Glass - Acrylic is safer then glass because it doesn’t shatter like glass. If for some reason acrylic were to break it only breaks into a couple large pieces instead of a bunch of tiny shards that are hard to find and clean up. Hence easy cleanup and less cuts if broken.

      So what are you waiting for? Start adding a touch of elegance and innovation to that special event or day at the beach. GET YOURS NOW!
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