Ultimate Spinning Transforming RC Car

Your Ultimate RC Toy Experience!



Amazing 5 Wheel Stunt Drive, the 5th wheel generates extreme torque delivering fast speeds for intense 2-sided stunts, will even drive when it's upside down, non-stop even rollover.
360-degree speed rotating, multiple awesome stunt actions.Smart, steer clear of any obstacles automatically.
Special design with LED lights, more delicate when the lights on, and you can enjoy it at night as well.
Shock absorbing, unique tire design, crash-worthiness durable for indoor and outdoor play in different terrain; Equipped with flexible wheels, providing high-speed performance and better flexibility; With LED dazzling head lights, so you can play at night as well.
Soft rubber wheel is applied with exquisite workmanship, Non-burr, non-toxic & environment-friendly, super-strong toughness, durable performance, fearless driving will help effectively buffer the shock from the car body.


  • Color:Green and Black 
  • Material:Plastic 
  • Play time:about 40 minute 
  • Charging time:about 4 hours 
  • Speed:20km/h 
  • Remote control distant:10-15 meters 
  • Packing size:37*21*18CM. 
  • Frequency:27HZ 
  • Weight:1KG 
  • Movement: Forward/Backward, Left/Right/Tumbling Flip Action/Drift /Crashworthiness/Cross country/Deformation


  • 1x Stunt Race Car 
  • 1x Remote Control 
  • 1x Charger 
  • 1x Rechargeable battery
  • 2 x Controller Battery


Don't leave the battery charge overnight.Safety charge time is 4 hours.Please plug off immediately when you finished charging.

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